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We offer Fractional CFO & FP&A services to Healthcare Businesses and Insurance Brokerages that increase profit in days, not months

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Common struggles our clients have:

Cash Management & Profitability

We help implement structure and help you tie operations and other decisions to financial performance and ultimately profitability and cash in the bank

Unsure on the best use of profits

Determining when AND where to spend your cash is difficult. We help you decide when to hire staff and review investments in technology, marketing, and acquisitions

Unorganized Data

Data becomes messy with business growth and manual processes that once worked might no longer make sense. We help clean your data and create structure

Our Toolkit

The Optimus Framework™ helps companies grow faster with less risk


We develop cash, revenue, and profit forecasts that will help you make more informed decisions.


We provide support during bankruptcy, reorganization, and other special situations.


Custom dashboards for your business with key metrics for you and the organization to track.


Businesses outgrow their finance tech stack. We help implement new solutions to scale efficiently.


We support acquisition strategies, ensuring diligence, integration, and synergy realization is successful.

Tactical Analytics

We provide analytics services, enabling you to invest in marketing / staffing that generate outsized ROI.

Pricing Strategy

We help prepare pricing tests and strategy ensuring your business does not leave money on the table.

Site Selection

We provide support for businesses undergoing rapid growth, helping them identify ideal locations.

Compensation Plans

We develop comp plans that align performance to pay, enabling you to grow faster and reward the team.

Working with Optimus

The three-step process:

1. Evaluate

Walk through a set of questions to review your current state and understand your end goal

2. Review

Conduct a deep-dive review and create a gameplan using the Optimus Framework

3. Execute

We execute the gameplan quickly and provide regular updates, so you have lower stress and higher profits


Fractional CFO

Your on-demand CFO we step in and act as your CFO, for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

FP&A Services

Providing support to existing finance teams, helping to fill the gaps, and build out processes, or operate in a fractional capacity.

Data Analytics

Our analytics services enable you to link operations to financial outcomes, and ultimately, drive profits for your business.

Prior Experience

Private equity-backed Insurance Brokerages and Healthcare Services

Integrity Marketing Group

Brandon Pierron has worked in a variety of finance roles from private equity to corporate finance at public companies and startups. Most recently, he led a finance team at Integrity Marketing Group, a multi-billion-dollar private equity-backed company that made nearly 200 acquisitions. Brandon joined Integrity when the business had outgrown various finance processes. Stepping into that role, he redesigned existing processes, implemented new systems, and streamlined the department, supporting executives, investors, and departmental leaders. During that time, he honed his toolkit to:1) Manage cash / liquidity
2) Coach business financial performance
3) Increase marketing efficiency / cost control
4) Grow businesses - via M&A and organic growth initiatives
5) Manage consultants and work with lenders and investors

About Us

Brandon Pierron is Founder of Optimus CFO and is located in Dallas, Texas.He founded Optimus to provide small businesses the same level of service, received by large enterprises, for a fraction of the cost of Big 4 accounting firms and other financial consultancies.He has worked in a variety of finance roles from private equity to corporate finance at public companies and startups.Our Philosophy:
Every company is unique and needs a partner that can develop an individualized strategy around company goals and processes. We strive to be a value-add partner to our clients, not just another consultant.

What our clients think

We are a partner who drives measurable results

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We partner with businesses generating $2m to $100m revenue. If you fall outside this range, we can point you in the right direction.

We specialize in in providing services to healthcare and insurance brokerage businesses.

We utilize a retainer-based approach as it better aligns our performance and timeliness with the end result. Exact pricing is dynamic and depends on the business needs and complexity.

We offer support for special projects and transformations. In addition, we can fill in gaps where a full-time employee doesn't make sense.

We will act as your outsourced CFO until you grow to the point where a full-time team member makes sense. Once there, we help to hire and onboard your CFO.

We avoid long-term contracts. You are free to cancel anytime.

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